Vidya Chathoth

Vidya Chathoth is a doctor by profession and resides in Kannur. She works at the Kannur Medical College. Her first article, A wrecked childhood, was published in the New Indian Express, Kozhikode edition, February 2007. Reel to Real is her first book.

writes regularly on her WordPress blog, It’s all in the mind (www.vchathoth@wordpress.com). The human mind is the central theme of all her articles. Her writings are largely non-fictional and powered by the desire to explore and understand the human mind. Her writing spans a broad spectrum of topics and includes cinema, creative non-fiction and mental health, but they are all centered on the possibilities of the human mind. She has written many articles on the factors that shape mental health, and on healthy parenting and lifestyle.

Her research area of interest is also centered on this theme and she has published a few research articles on behavioral addictions. She aspires to initiate a campaign on mental health awareness, and this book is her first step towards the same. She believes that the key to happiness is in being all that one is capable of being, and she aspires to educate, inspire and motivate people towards such a path.